has been a teacher of yoga and shiatsu since 1994 and has recently been trained by Dinah Rodriquez in Hormonal Yoga therapy.


Hormonal Yoga not only has a positive influence on hormone levels, but also alleviates the symptoms which accompany unbalanced hormones.

The asanas practiced regularly help to maintain the ideal weight, diminish painful menstruals, improve mood, accelerate the healing of myoma, cysts, avoid breast cancer etc...

A scientific study demonstrated that the hormonal concentration of people who practice this type of yoga increased by 254% in 4 months: hot flushes were diminished, depressions and bad moods disappeared, and other symptoms were alleviated.

The best example is the creator of the technique, Dinah Rodrigues, a woman who at the age of 85 continues to travel the world teaching it.

Those who can benefit from its effects: women in general over 35 years old, women in menopause, women with symptoms related to menstruation, women with fertility difficulties, people with osteoporosis.

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