The farm is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, some 50 Km north of Sevilla, and covers an area of 200 ha. The main part of this remains in its natural state: a cover of rockrose and holm oak populated by herds of deer and wild boar. Various seasional rivers water a volcanic, clay and arid earth. The scrubland serves as pasture for a herd of goats and as a source of firewood for the stoves and fireplaces in winter.

We have planted numerous fruit trees, olive trees and other trees which provide shade in the hot Andalucian summers. Our vegetable gardens and greenhouses are brimming with vegetables, strawberries, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants.

We cover our necessities in hay and cereals with our own harvest, and produce our own honey and olive oil aswell, using our own mill.

The electrical energy is mainly of solar origin and the majority of the constructions were built by ourselves. If in the initial years we built with the priority being to give sufficiently comfortable shelter for all the participants in the project, today we aspire to develop new constructions of organic and energetically efficient character, with a view to receive our new visitors in optimal conditions.

Our Foundations