Human Development

Human devolopment lies at the heart of our project. Life in community, life in harmony with nature or organic agriculture only makes sense as long as it encourages said human development in symphony with the times of deep change humanity is living.

The inspiration of the founders was fed by the Jungian Psychology and its conception that dreams are a magnificient medium through which to access, know and transform our subconscious. As in the Senoi tribe, the act of telling our dreams in a group, creates a secure framework in which each person can show themselves in their totality, as they really are, without receiving anthying other than empathy and support from the others.

Apart from this, it is through the human relations and coexistence, where experimentation takes place, that each human being is able to progress in their individuality. This is a process which makes us more unique, more complete, but which, at the same time, brings us closer to each other.

Artistic creation has also been a key element in the development of our creative potential, both individual and collective. Certain collective musical compositions or theatrical montages have become indelible milestones in our evolution as a group.

But we haven't stopped searching and experimenting, thus integrating no end of knowledge and tools in very varied dimensions, into the evolution of the members of the group aswell as, in many cases, the people who visit us. Said tools cover such varied areas as natural health techniques (homeopathy, reflexology, nutrition), horse riding and equinotherapy, work with different energies ( EMF, Chi-Kung, Shiatsu, meditation), work with the body ( Pilates, massage, Tai-Chi), techniques for emotional liberation and healing (LI, EMDR, Art-therapy, Essences), group and systemic work, conflict management ( psychodrama, family and systemic constellations).

Said work on ourselves and our relationships has generated, with the passing of the years, a larger opening towards the spiritual dimension of existence, understood as a capacity to be open and receptive to the mysterious and the unknown; ready to integrate a greater part of our being; to transcend our limits; to allow the ultimate sense of every experience to emerge.

Understanding and integrating the spiritual dimension of our lives, we move and grow in contact with that energy, which circles time and space creating and sustaining all life. Through spiritual practice we get to know ourselves in interdependent relation with others, with life and with the universe, which helps us grow in humility, confidence, and openness. This inevitably awakens a profound and lasting gratitude.