Art and Creation

item1For us, ART with capital letters is the art of living: to honour, respect and care for the environment in which we live; to develop harmonious, intense and creative personal relations; to create beauty where we live and through the way we develop our lives; to create consciousness, as much individual as collective; to encourage the maximum development of our childrens' potential; to prepare our food so that it's tasty and pleasing aswell as being healthy; to manage conflicts with total respect for the people involved.


DSCF4657This said, we'd like to underline the great value we give to artistic creation, in whatever form it takes: painting and drawing, writing, music, jewelery, tailoring, puppetry, theatre, etcDansecadeau


Art not only connects us with our creative potential, but also serves as a vehicle for channeling and strengthening determined moments in our evolution, as much individual as collective.