Imagen 036As well as the desire to produce our own food and therefore be as self-sufficient as possible, one of the main goals of the participants in the project has always been to honour and respect the earth that welcomes us. That's the reason we practice organic and/or biodynamic agriculture. DSCF0687a


Today we are self-sufficient with respect to vegetables and fruit, almonds, aromatic herbs, wheat, hay and oats for the animals (goats and horses).Imagen 036

We have a herd of goats which enables us to produce cheese and yogurt.

We also delve into the study and use of native and/or wild plants, which we use as much in fine foods as in medicines and cosmetics or cleaning products.Imagen 036


We produce wine, honey, aswell as our own olive oil, made totally by hand with an old mill stone. Imagen 036


We participate in the WWOOF ESPA√ĎA project (Willing Workers on Organic Farms/Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and take in WWOOFERS or volunteers who wish to help and experience life on a farm or in a rural community with us for a relatively long period.