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Thanks to our physical body we feel, love, grow, learn... It's our vehicle of evolution and experience. The classics already tell us "healthy mind healthy body", but now it's particularly important to occupy ourselves with the body and so take care of the spirit in such times as those in which we're living.

PILATES: Pilates is a technique of body movements which encourage flexibility and profound muscularity. All this in a gentle way and encouraging body consciousness.

REFLEXOLOGY: The human body is a hologram. The whole is reflected in the parts. In the feet, in the hands, in the face, in the ears... there are points which have a direct effect on regions of the brain, the overall metabolism and other zones of the organism.

METAMORPHIC TECHNIQUE: The metamorphic technique is based on gentle and pleasant massage of the head, hands and feet, helping to release the stored vital force, resulting in a change in our behaviour, in our way of being.

MASSAGES: Relaxing massages from head to toe, massages to re-establish blood circulation (Hawaiian Massage Lomi-Lomi), massages with Shea butter, jasper, jade and balls of baobab (Shea Ecotreatment) or a treatment exlusively for women with essencial rose oil and rose quartz which combines aromatherapy with massage and reflexology (Rose Therapy).

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