Enlivened and coordinated by teachers of the BOLINGEN INSTITUTE, with ample experience in teaching using creative tools.

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We propose that you submerge yourself in a language (Spanish, English or French) for two days (or more) with activities which encourage and facilitate the integration of the language. We'll cook, go for walks, work with horses. Also we'll be able to do theatre and singing, dance if you like, sculpt clay or paint. And to relax, you'll be able to enjoy evenings of storytelling in the Arabic patio aswell as nights of music or cinema.

We put at your disposition a welcoming place where we educate children, adults and families, in contact with nature in all her authenticity and in small groups.

The agreement of all (teachers and students) is the exclusive use of the chosen language during the stay at the centre.

Learning a language can be a pleasure.

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