Jacob's Ladder - William Blake


Trained in Jungian psychoanalysis, she has been exploring dreams for 30 years as much in groups as in individual sessions.. more


He combined his training as dreams analyst with the study of Clinical Psychology


Dreams permit us to know, integrate and transform the shadow, the seat of all the unknown, our fears, insecurities and complaints, but also of the formidable talents which we still ignore. The dream therapist is someone who has fathomed her own depths, has understood and known them and extracts from them strength, integrity and sense. She lives in contact with a part larger than her own totality which allows her to remain open to all facets of the human soul without judging them, thus facilitating access for everyone to greater dimensions and depths of themselves.

In our collective we have spent three decades working on dreams and with dreams using the work of C.G. Jung as a base, but developing with experience an original way of doing it. Rosalie desribes the work which we do as "making flower the vital force which goes through the dream". When the oneiric images are understood in the majority of their facets a resonance of distinct dimensions of our being is created which unleashes a transformation.

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