Has been interpreting dreams for 30 years as much in groups as in individual sessions. At the same time her work has been enriched and amplified with many other tools coming from schools as varied as Psychodrama, The Gestalt, Energetic Psychology, Family Constelations, Chamanism and different energy techniques..

EMF Balancing Technique

After 24 years of experience with the energetic human anatomy, Peggy Phoenix Dubro gave to the world the knowledge of the Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), an extension of our symphatic and parasymphatic system which assists us in developing our abilities to manifest all our potencial.

From its creation in 1995, the EMF Balancing Technique has spread to 60 countries throughout the world.

There exist 12 phases in EMF, each one concentrating on a different aspect of our UCL. We study them at three levels: phase I-IV, V-VIII and IX-XII. The training is provided by acredited professionals of EFI, The Energy Extension Inc., an organisation of teaching and consulting specialising in the work with energetic anatomy.

Each session produces a strong realignment within the energetic anatomy.

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