One Day a friend of mine showed me how to prepare a cream with products of the earth. That same night I dreamt that the plants were telling me their secrets. In that moment my passion was born and I've not stopped looking and experimenting around with the properties and possibilities of plants in therapy and cosmetics.


Trees and plants vibrate with the pulses of the Earth and transmit to us their generosity. They contain within them the mysteries of life and her cycles. From the beginning of time trees and plants have given us health and beauty. They have been companions and teachers. .

In the part of Earth where we live, Los Portales, we are accompanied by marigolds, lavender, rosemary, rockrose,... When the moment is right, Emilie collects some of their parts and with them makes oils, floral waters, tintures... which will be the palette of colours, the base from which to create. Continuing, the different elements dance, fuse and engender a texture: cream, ointment, lotion... Into their heart will also go the vibration of an intention as the energy which is emitted, the thoughts and images which accompany their elaboration are information which stays in the final product.

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