Ashes and Snow - Gregory Colbert


Teacher of physical education, yoga, energetic techniques, floor and machine Pilates, body expression and Biodance. Experience of work as much with children as adolescents and adults.


Biodance places the creative energy in the centre to allow us to feel the life within us, to reach towards wisdom (living wisdom). To live emotionally to harmonise what one feels, what one thinks and what one does. There is no life without emotion. To love life, love oneself and recognise the sacred in the human being. To recognise that we are all part of each other and that together we form the whole..

Each workshop of biodance is a living laboratorio where we stimulate potentials which sleep within us and which hold the keys to happiness and inner freedom. These potentials are:

Vitality: vital energy, health, joy of living.

Emotion: to open the heart.

Creativity: to express the emotions.

Sexuality: to awaken desire.

Transcendence: to feel in harmony with the universe.

The movement, the music, the meeting of the other, the voice, the clay...are mediums for expressing our totality.

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