“Let yourself be dragged silently

Breath of Gaia - Josephine Wall

You will be accompanied by specialists in plastic arts (VIVA), writing (ALICE), music therapy (NEUS and VERO), biodance (BELEM), voice (JASON)

Since the beginning of time, art has accompanied us as a way of expression. Artistic creations emerge from the greatest depths of our being, from the source itself of our creative potential. And they bring with them unknown aspects of our internal reality, of our richness, of the colours and rythms which define us.

Exploring artistic creation with the freedom of a child, without judgements or prejudices, we are able to discover that writing, painting, dance, music... are intimately within us. And thus recreating ourselves, enjoying meeting ourselves again, we manage to love ourselves more and with greater depth. .

We propose that you submerge yourself in creative exploration, in looking inside through art (painting, music, writing, voice) in a place surrounded by magic and the energy of the Earth. We are all artists when we let ourslelves be guided by our more authentic and profound nature.

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