MaximeVanLintMax Van Lint

Since my most tender infancy, my hands desired to create with everything put within my reach. One day a shaman deposited in them the passion for stones. Since then this passion has lead me to combine silver with the marvelous world of minerals. Each jewel I make is unique and the quest which each creation involves is always an enriching experience.

LeonorAllardLeonor B. Allard Blampain

I've been interested for years in stones and crystals. My mother passed this passion on to me. In 2006, I started to study artistic jewellery and after a course in jewellery and gemology, I decided to create my own jewels. I choose crystals and gems for their beauty, their purity and their properties. Finding the ideal combination of stones, achieving harmony in the necklace, with its elements, the composition, the colours, the proportions..., all this is a passionate process.

Leonor Allard


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